The Raptor™ Series

The original (and still the best!) T5HO high-bay luminaire on the market. This product is designed around the specific operating characteristics of T5 lamp & ballast technology for best system life and performance. The attractive, robust extruded aluminum body provides a substantial ballast heatsink, and the engineered reflectors give this unit the punch and distribution required to replace HID high-bays and low-bays, at half the energy use!

Use the multi-lamp RAPTOR™ for warehouse aisles, gymnasiums, ice rinks, atriums, manufacturing, or wherever good horizontal & vertical illumination is required when the mounting height is between 16 and 60 feet.

The 1-lamp RAPTOR™ is the smallest enclosed T5HO luminaire in the industry, with an acrylic snap-on lens that provides 10% uplight - use it in architectural applications, or anywhere you'd use a strip or open industrial fluorescent. Excellent for task lighting.

Each RAPTOR™ is factory tested at Voltage, with lamps, and shipped fully assembled/lamped in our exclusive protective job pack.


Unitized Reflector assembly - no need to remove lamps to access wireway & ballast

Quick-clip® Snap-on SS Mounting Clips - speeds field installation

Clear Anodized Extruded Aluminum Housing - no paint to chip, crack, fade or peel

Captive Rotor Seismic “Make & Break” Lamp Sockets - positive locking resists vibration; lamps stay put

95% reflective specular hard-anodized aluminum reflector – Optimized for T5 source

Integral Ballast Heatsink - protects sensitive electronics in ballast from lamp heat

No convective airflow through fixture – stays clean even in filthy environments